Ironman 4×4 Load Plus Helper Spring Kit


Ironman Load Plus dramatically improves handling, stability and safety of SUV’s, Trucks, Pickups and Vans.

Ironman Load Plus is a unique patented suspension system, engineered to dramatically improve vehicle stability and handling while carrying the vehicle’s rated payload.

Load Plus Helper Springs are ideally suited to carry both occasional and permanent loads allowing vehicle owners maximum return on their vehicle.
This is achieved through carrying more load more safely.

•Reduces rear-end body sag by up to 20%
•Improves ride and handling by up to 35%
•Reduces body roll by up to 40%
•Reduces brake pitch by up to 20%
•Carry Maximum Rated Loads.
•Improves fuel economy.
•Reduce tyre, brake & suspension wear.
•Fit in 20 minutes with 2 spanners.


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January 20, 2016